St Albans couple’s dynamic duvet bridges the divide between hot and cold nights

A COUPLE from St Albans who grew tired of sleepless nights have invented a duvet that is helping many others get a good night’s sleep.

Ian and Ruth Pressman had suffered years of disturbed sleep because he preferred a lighter duvet and she preferred a heavier one, when eventually they decided to invent their own solution.

They created the CosyCool duvets, which allow each partner to adjust the thickness of their side of the duvet to meet their preference.

Ian said he’d been surprised to discover this product didn’t already exist. “I knew what we needed but when we began looking, we couldn’t find anything to match it so we decided to create our own.”

The result is a simple 4.5 tog duvet to which two more 4.5 tog half duvets can be attached. They are buttoned to the main duvet, either above or below and then tucked inside the duvet cover.

Ian added: “Once we finished our prototype, we showed family and friends and they all seemed so interested that we thought we had to look into marketing it and making it available to more people as there was clearly a market for it.

“We’ve had phone calls and emails from couples who have told us that the duvet has actually saved their marriage, which may sound a bit dramatic but getting a good uninterrupted night’s sleep is that important to people.”

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Ruth and Ian live in the Highfields area of St Albans and have two children who attend Windermere Primary School in St Albans.

The product has attracted national media coverage, featuring in the Mail on Sunday, the Telegraph and on Vanessa Feltz’s BBC London radio show. Ian, the former IT worker, said that orders had increased from around 30 a day to around 600 a day after the press coverage and while he knew that would peter out, he hoped it would open doors for future expansion.

For more information about the product visit or call 0845 643 0681.