St Albans couple plagued by years of energy bills confusion

Cheryl Luzet with just some of the bills and letters from Npower

Cheryl Luzet with just some of the bills and letters from Npower - Credit: Archant

A long-suffering couple are at their wits end after an energy company they left two years ago have pestered them with bills.

Cheryl Luzet, 38, and husband Gael Luzet, 40, of Camp Road in St Albans, have had bills totalling nearly £750 from Npower, which they left in 2012.

The couple claim they paid their last bill of £24 in August 2012, but subsequently had £617 taken out of their account the following October.

Cheryl and Gael were refunded but two years on and they have been sent a bill for £120, which Npower says is still outstanding.

Mixed messages from the company have seen Cheryl and Gael receive letters threatening court action alongside phone calls assuring them the bill did not exist.

Cheryl said: “The bills keep coming, and I keep phoning, but no-one can help me.

“The bills are also coming in the strange format of telemessage which is worrying.

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“I’d really like people to know how bad the customer service is at Npower so they don’t have to go through what we are going through.”

Cheryl was told that company policy stopped any bills coming through after 12 months of leaving the company but that was not the case for her.

A spokesman for Npower said: “We were really concerned to hear about the problems Cheryl has had. Her final electricity bill was delayed, so we have cleared the balance as a gesture of goodwill to apologise.”