St Albans couple donated mobility scooter after cruel theft

TRAGEDY turned into triumph last week as a disabled couple who had their mobility scooter stolen were donated a new one for free.

Jean and George Smith, of St Albans, had their silver scooter taken from outside their home on August 27, leaving them housebound.

Following the Herts Advertiser’s report of the theft the paper was flooded with calls from people wishing to help the pair.

James Smith offered his assistance first and gave the couple a free replacement, which Jean has described as “a very nice scooter”.

He said: “They were very happy to receive it. It wasn’t even two years old, it was immaculate.”

James, originally from Sunderland, developed septicemia and ended up in intensive care. After being discharged from hospital he couldn’t walk so he bought a mobility scooter.

He added: “Then I got better and the scooter was just lying around.”

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James said that the couple gave him a donation for MacMillan Cancer Support to show their thanks as he gives a lot to charity.

Jean said: “We will be able to leave the house now.”

She described James as a “very genuine man” and added: “We were very surprised, we never expected any help.

“We’re very happy. It’s a nice ending.”