St Albans councilllors urge people to sign Save St Albans Pubs petition

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The Save St Albans Pubs petition has secured the support of an influential district council committee.

The planning, resources and scrutiny committee has thrown its weight behind the initiative and urged people to sign the petition against the proposed rise in business rates.

Chair Cllr Roma Mills said: “The new business rates will come into effect very soon and there is clearly considerable concern about the effect they will have on our local economy.

“Many of our pubs will be hit with substantial and disproportionate increases, and there is fear that this could see some of them go out of business.

“Pubs play a major role in our communities, and also provide employment, so naturally we are concerned.”

The petition, which currently has over 4,000 signatures, was started by publicans after they calculated the rise in rates based on a government reevaluation of business properties, would cost them hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Visit to view the petition.