New apartment blocks could be coming to Harpenden if plans are approved by St Albans district council

2 Salisbury Avenue, where the Harpendenapartment blocks are planned for. Picture: Google.

2 Salisbury Avenue, where the Harpendenapartment blocks are planned for. Picture: Google. - Credit: Archant

Harpenden could get two three-storey apartment blocks under plans before St Albans district council.

Michael Margereson has applied for planning permission to build the ten two-bedroom flats on Salisbury Avenue.

Council officers have recommended granting him that permission, despite it being refused in May for a similar application.

There are only 12 parking spaces for the 20 homes and only one less apartment than in the earlier application.

The officer’s report reads: The proposed development by reason of its size, scale, and design, will be compatible with the adjoining residential development in the locality, will not have a detrimental impact on the character and setting of the nearby locally listed buildings and conservation area, nor have an adverse impact on the amenities of adjoining neighbouring occupiers.

“The development will preserve the character and appearance of the Conservation Area in this location.

“The proposals will provide suitable replacement planting for the trees lost which are of poor quality.

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“The proposed car parking provision is acceptable and the access arrangements will not be prejudicial to the free and safe flow of traffic on the adjoining highway.”

There are a number of conditions attached to the recommendation to approve planning permission, including restrictions on the windows and the roof.

Several people have written to the council objecting to the application, with one Salisbury Avenue resident writing to say: “This application has not substantially changed from the previous submissions, and seems like an attempt to just try again and again until the complainers and [supporters] are worn out.”

Elizabeth Meeks of Salisbury Avenue also wrote in: “[The application] will put the lives and safety at risk of residents of Salisbury Avenue, the new residents of the developments at 2 and 21 Salisbury Avenue and the users of the road.

“The present situation is that cars are jammed in so closely to property entrances that you cannot see around the parked cars to check the road is safe to enter.”

The application will be voted on by the planning referrals committee next Thursday. To see the application, visit