Council leader argues they are a progressive employer after revelation of 7.3 per cent gender pay gap

Leader of St Albans City and District Council Alec Campbell. Photo: SACDC.

Leader of St Albans City and District Council Alec Campbell. Photo: SACDC. - Credit: Archant

The leader of St Albans council Alec Campbell has argued the authority is a progressive employer due to their narrow gender pay gap.

It was revealed this week there was a 7.3 per cent gap between the pay of female and male employees at the council, 10 per cent below the public sector average.

Cllr Campbell said: “I am encouraged by the results of our gender pay report. It shows we are a progressive employer and have been successful in providing equality in the workplace.

“Our gender pay gap is narrow and a long way below the figure for the public sector as a whole and many private sector organisations.

“This gap at the council, in any case, is not the result of us failing to pay men and women equally, but is due to the distribution of men and women within the organisation.

“We will be taking into account the findings as we develop our pay and reward systems going forward to ensure equality.

“We have long had systems in place to ensure we provide equal pay for male and female employees doing work of equal value. This includes grading jobs in a non-discriminatory way.

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“At the next reporting period, we expect the pay gap will narrow even more because of some recent appointments at the most senior levels.”

Last year. Amanda Foley was appointed to be the chief executive of the council, replacing James Blake.

Ms Foley was replaced as the council’s head of corporate services by Simonne deVall.