Conservative candidate for St Albans Anne Main on why you should vote for her in the General Election

Conservative parliamentary candidate Anne Main is standing to be MP for St Albans in the 2019 Genera

Conservative parliamentary candidate Anne Main is standing to be MP for St Albans in the 2019 General Election. Picture: Anne Main's office - Credit: Archant

Anne Main, the Conservative parliamentary candidate for St Albans, has explained in her own words why you should vote for her in the 2019 General Election.

She said: "It has been my privilege to be your MP for over 14 years and during that time I can honestly say there is no important local issue I have not been involved with.

"My record shows I speak up for St Albans both here and in Westminster, including leading the debate to secure more money for schools.

"St Albans will now receive an above average uplift in education funding. As a former teacher myself, I know how important it is for schools and teachers to have the resources they need.

"If re-elected I will continue to prioritise education, business, delivering affordable local homes, transport, and the environment. "Improving transport is crucial, our roads are often gridlocked. I successfully argued for a £6m upgrade at the city station delivering improved platforms and additional trains. I fully support AbFly's campaign to re-open the Bricket Wood passing loop and met the minister to press their case.

"Our environment is precious. I will work to secure even more protections for our local rivers, wildlife and Green Belt areas. I lead the APPG on the Prevention of Plastic Waste, a cross party group in Parliament working with industry and government to drive change. I also argue against Luton Airport expansion and the accompanying noise which blights parts of St Albans.

"Being an MP is not about sound bite politics - hard work and tenacity are at my core. Some issues, such as my opposition to development of the Park Street Rail Freight Interchange take years of working with residents and they know they can rely on me to work month in and month out and not just turn up for the picture.

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"I know you can't please everyone but, if it matters to you, it matters to me and over the years I have helped thousands of residents.

"I hope I can count on your support again. We needed this election to end the Parliamentary deadlock and to allow us to move forward and release the enormous potential St Albans and the UK has.

"I am certain, our best days are ahead of us."