St Albans’ Clarence Park entry steps closed for repairs

The closed entrance to Clarence Park

The closed entrance to Clarence Park - Credit: Archant

Timber steps leading to a popular public park in St Albans had to be shut last week, because they were deemed unsafe.

An inspection of the entry to Clarence Park from Hatfield Road found such significant areas of concern that the structure was instantly closed for repairs.

Debbi White, head of community services at St Albans district council, apologised for the inconvenience the closure caused to park users and rail commuters.

She explained: “The ramp and steps were closed for public safety last Friday (3) immediately after an inspection found areas of concern.

“We are waiting for estimates from builders for the repairs that will be required to make it safe and decisions will then be taken on what, if anything, we can do in the short-term.”

The wooden structure was ‘reaching the end of its life’, and Ms White said questions needed to be asked about whether it was better to pay for repairs in the short-term, or fund a longer-term solution.

She said: “A previous plan of replacing the ramp and steps with a steel and brick structure was ruled out on cost grounds and we are now looking at alternatives.”

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The timber steps had to be shut and repaired for similar reasons in May last year.

Members of the Clarence Park consultative forum, which is part of council and met on January 31, have expressed the desire to completely replace the steps.

Clarence Park was first opened in July 1894 by the Duke of Cambridge at the time, Prince George.