St Albans City to move to Verulamium Park - UPDATED

The stand in Clarence Park which St Albans City FC would like to expand

The stand in Clarence Park which St Albans City FC would like to expand - Credit: Archant

Ambitious plans to move St Albans City FC from its current ground in Clarence Park to another park in the city have been unveiled this morning.

Verulamium Park in St Albans

Verulamium Park in St Albans - Credit: Archant

As a result of serious flooding at Verulamium Park during the recent wet spell, the district council is proposing to drain the lake and allow the football club to build a new home ground there.

It will mean transferring the water fowl and the herons that nest on the island to the Broad Colney lakes - a project that will take place this summer subject to there being no drought warnings from water company Affinity.

St Albans City FC is understood to be delighted at the proposal to move from Clarence Park where it has long had plans for redevelopment but was thwarted by surrounding residents.

Spokesperson Frila Loop said: “This is great news for everyone. We can incorporate all sorts of features at Verulamium Park, including the Roman wall and the toilet block, into the ground and the council will no longer have to worry about the lake flooding or criticism about its lack of maintenance. It is the best of all worlds.”

The council meanwhile has shrugged off environmental concerns about the loss of the lake. A spokesperson said: “We appreciate some people will miss the lake, particularly dog walkers, but to be honest, what with cyclists whizzing around it and the scruffy state of the area around the Fighting Cocks, this is a solution which will suit everyone.”

* Apologies to anyone who fell for this year’s April Fool’s joke, and thanks to Lawrence Levy from St Albans City for his good humour about this story.

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Some of the comments we received on Twitter (names removed to protect their dignity) included:

“What about the local footy pitches there?”

“Is this a proposal or definite? It may be good for the football club, but bad for the environment and I will miss the lake.”

“What!!!! Absolutely outrageous - they can’t do that.”