St Albans city hospital fence to be replaced

ST ALBANS: A “dangerous” fence at City Hospital which blocked a footpath and forced pedestrians into the road is to be replaced, after appeals were made to the council.

Cllr Martin Leach, leader of the local Labour party, said he had been in touch with the district council’s planning enforcement team on several occasions over the past four months to try and get something done about the temporary boundary fence on Waverley Road. He said the wire fence had been on the brink of collapse since September last year.

Cllr Leach has now been informed by the hospital authorities that the damaged wire fence, which was installed a few years ago, would now be replaced with a one-metre high close board timber fence.

He said: “Over the Christmas period it finally fell down, becoming a dangerous hazard with metal poles sticking out over the footpath at eye level. At one point it blocked the footpath, forcing pedestrians into the road.

“Residents in the area have patiently put up with this hazard and eyesore for some time, even repairing parts of the temporary fence themselves.”