St Albans boy looking forward to Upton Park action for friend’s charity

Finn, 8, will be playing at Upton Park in a charity football match later this month

Finn, 8, will be playing at Upton Park in a charity football match later this month - Credit: Archant

A young boy will be gracing the grounds of a famous football stadium to raise money for a friend’s charity later this month.

Finn Yeatman, eight, will be playing a charity football match at Upton Park, home to West Ham United.

The match is in aid of the charity Elizabeth’s Legacy of Hope (ELoH), which was set up by Finn’s friend Pollyanna and her family after they were involved in a car crash.

Pollyanna, who knows Finn through St Michael’s School, lost her grandmother and had to have her leg amputated as a result of the crash. The charity helps to provide limbs to child amputees in Africa.

Finn will be following in the footsteps of West Ham’s football stars on May 25 by using the same changing rooms, walking out of the tunnel, and being cheered on by the team’s mascot.

Finn’s mum, Sarah Yeatman, said: “I’m glad that Finn is learning about the value of social responsibility.

“He’s always been a pretty empathetic little person but I think that it’s important to reinforce these lessons.

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“I think he’s really special in that he thinks of other people, which is why this football match means a lot to him.

“The day he found out about it, after I’d put him to bed, he came down a half hour later and asked if he was allowed to sponsor himself.

“When I told him that yes, this was OK, he went back to his room, and while he was supposed to be sleeping, he scraped together a bunch of his pocket money. He had it all counted out in stacks on his bedroom floor.”

To sponsor Finn click here. For more information about ELoH click here.