St Albans book shop plays host to Spice Health Heroes author

Spice Health Heroes

Spice Health Heroes - Credit: Archant

The St Albans branch of Waterstones will be welcoming ex-ballerina turned health guru, Natasha MacAller, for the launch of her cookbook, Spice Health Heroes this week.

After spending her youth as a professional dancer, Natasha retired with one plan in mind, to cook.

Using ingredients within her own cooking in order to maintain a healthy and strong body during her training, Natasha became well versed in the benefits of spices and decided to publish her own recipes with a comprehensive guide to each spice.

Natasha said: “It wasn’t merely about the food, or the spices, but the spices’ ability. Spice Health Heroes speaks for our health-conscious age, as we grow increasingly interested in bettering ourselves and the quality of our lives.”

By sharing her recipes with the public Natasha believes that many everyday ailments could be cured for a happier, healthier life, for example; using ginger to soothe nausea, turmeric for aches and pains and lemongrass for insomnia. There are quick-fix recipes for hangovers or headaches, and sustainable diet plans for long-term health concerns, like a weakened immune system.

Not only does Natasha use and recommend spices as a natural medicine, she has also teamed up with eight of the world’s leading doctors and nutritionists to ground her theories with scientific research.

Though the cookbook is aimed at a broad readership, Natasha has a particular concern for millennials, fearing they neglect spices from their diets in favour of convenience.

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Although Natasha is based in the US, she has connections to St Albans through family and friends, and is said to have tried and tested foods from many of our local restaurants. Collaborating with other renowned chefs has given Spice Health Heroes a new dimension, providing delicious ideas from all over the globe that share Natasha’s ethos: “[spice] adds nutrition and value to our daily lives.”

Natasha will be showcasing Spice Health Heroes and providing tasters of her featured health drinks on Thursday April 20 from 7pm.