St Albans blogger and influencer explores IBS with first published book

Scarlett Dixon (Scarlett London) with her new book, Tummy Tied. Picture: Submitted by Scarlett Dixon

Scarlett Dixon (Scarlett London) with her new book, Tummy Tied. Picture: Submitted by Scarlett Dixon - Credit: Archant

A St Albans fashion blogger and Instragram influencer has written and published her first book.

In Tummy Tied - My Not So Glamorous Guide to Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), former Sandringham School pupil Scarlett Dixon aims to explore the chronic condition which she has struggled with for more than ten years.

Scarlett, who goes by the pseudonym Scarlett London, said: “It is a glamorous book about a not so glamorous topic.”

IBS is a digestive condition which is thought to affect one in five people across the UK, and Scarlett’s book aims to limit the stigma and challenge what she refers to as the “poo taboo”.

Scarlett is a 25-year-old beauty blogger and has 70,000 followers on Instagram. However, she wants to open up her fan’s eyes to the fact her life offline is “a whole different kettle of fish” to her glamorous online presence.

She has already discussed IBS openly on her blog and will continue to do this in her book: “The book is a cross between a self-help and light hearted memoir about IBS and is a guide on how to navigate IBS for anyone suffering from the condition or anyone who has a loved one who suffers.

“When I was diagnosed at age 14 I felt like the odd one out. Struggling with IBS is not only very unpleasant but can also be really lonely.

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“So that is why I want to put my face to the condition; to eliminate the taboo and let sufferers know that they are not alone.”

Scarlett insists that IBS does not restrain or prevent anyone from doing the things they love.

“It is all a matter of gaining control and adjusting your lifestyle, all of which I explain in detail in the book,” she added.

“My long-term ultimate goal has been to write, finish and publish a book with a snazzy cover that will make the reader laugh, cry and feel inspired.

“That is what I hope to do with Tummy Tied.”

It is available in both print and digital formats on Amazon.

The online blurb reads: “Do you regularly suffer with diarrhoea, severe bloating or constipation? Are the symptoms of IBS ruling your life? Is your digestive health affecting your mental health? Perhaps you look ‘fine’ on the outside, but inside you feel totally out of control?

“If so, Scarlett can help you feel better, physically and mentally.”

View Scarlett’s Instagram at @ScarlettLondon and her blog