St Albans band Pocket Gods aims to outwit Spotify with royalties ruse

Frontman of The Pocket Gods Mark Christopher Lee (right) is 'moving with the times' with the album '

Frontman of The Pocket Gods Mark Christopher Lee (right) is 'moving with the times' with the album '100x30' - Credit: Archant

A St Albans band is making history by producing the first ever 30 second album as a protest against corporate music giants.

Cult indie band Pocket Gods are to release their album 100x30 tomorrow with the aim of taking advantage of music streaming service Spotify’s royalty system.

The global music company offers artists a “paltry” return of 0.007p per stream for any track over 30 seconds, and Pocket Gods’ album aims to take advantage of that with their album of 100 30 second songs.

Frontman Mark Christopher Lee, who lives in Sandridge, said the idea came after he saw American band Vulfpeck put up an album of complete silence in order to exploit streaming royalties.

The album was later taken off by Spotify when people started streaming the album constantly, ranking up an impressive sum of $20,000.

Mark said: “I got the idea in the summer after questioning why we record the length of songs that we do and most music now days is streamed.

“I’m not against Spotify, I’m just trying to raise a point and speak out. It’s a complex matter and I don’t want to bash Spotify.

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“But I think especially for up-and-coming bands trying to make it you get so little back.”

The album’s length is similar to that of a conventional album, and Mark says it’s his way of moving with the times.

He added: “I can’t say I’m going to take my music off Spotify because people use it.

“I’m all for new technology, I make music on my laptop, but the music industry has been lagging behind.

“Why not adapt to the modern day media and write songs that are indeed 30 seconds long?”

The album features an array of friends and fans, as well as Mark’s three children.

Seventies legend Mungo Jerry and 80s pop heartthrob Owen Paul are among household names who have also contributed to the album.

The album will be available from tomorrow (December 4). For more information click here or here.