St Albans band logo makes star appearance in viral video

The Magician's Nephew Band

The Magician's Nephew Band - Credit: Archant

Finley Quaye, the Scottish reggae musician known as much for his off-stage antics as his music, was booed off stage last week to a backdrop that might be familiar to those with an eye on upcoming rock talent.

The Magician’s Nephew Band – a St Albans rock quartet with an average age of nine – lent the MOBO Award-winner a drum-kit after he was six hours late to his sound rehearsal at the Convent Club, Gloucester.

Following a 30-minute riff which prompted whistles and boos from the crowd, Quaye was escorted off stage by promoter Matt Roberts.

Footage of the incident, in which Roberts climbs on the stage, tells the band to leave and apologises to the crowd, has gone viral, clocking up almost 200,000 views.

The Magician’s Nephew Band’s logo, printed on the borrowed drum-kit, is visible throughout.

Lex Woolf, the band’s 10-year-old drummer, said: “How can you turn up to a gig without a drum kit? It’s like Harry Potter trying to cast a spell without his wand.”

The band’s front-man, Joshua Lima, said: “Every band has good days and bad days, but most bands have a drum kit.

“I think I’ll write a song about this.”

This year the young St Albans rockers have shaken the foundations of St Albans Cathedral and released their latest single ‘Dinner Lady’, which is available on iTunes this month.