Masked car jackers wielding metal bar target driver in St Albans

Police car.

Police car. - Credit: Archant

Car jackers armed with a metal bar targeted a driver in Sandridge by ramming his vehicle from behind.

A 35-year-old Harpenden man, who would prefer to remain anonymous, was driving in a family hatchback along House Lane at about 1.20pm on June 27 when he became aware of a silver car following close behind.

Chalking it up to bad driving, he carried on. However, at the junction to Sandpit Lane he felt the tailgater bump him from behind.

He got out of the car and went to look for damage, only to see three men jump out of their vehicle and come towards him.

They all had their faces covered - by balaclavas or ski masks - and one of them was wielding a metal bar.

He said: “I dived into my car and slammed the door shut, managing to push the lock down - at which point they grabbed the handles and tried to open the door.

“By this time other cars had appeared so they jumped back into the car and sped off down the road.”

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Herts police report the criminals made off towards Hatfield.

The victim has thanked a kind passer-by, who stopped to check everything was okay and has also provided a short dash cam clip of the incident to police: “He was an unbelievably nice guy, If you want a hero in this, it is him.”

There is a proper procedure to avoid becoming a target of this crime, which the victim would like to raise awareness of.

Drivers are advised to stay in their vehicle and assess the area, only getting out when it is definitely safe or moving to a busier place if they have any suspicions.

The victim said: “I am just shocked, it was like something out of a gangster film and I actually felt like this happened to someone else. It wasn’t until this morning I have started to consider what the situation could have been.

“If my wife or anyone else had been in the car, if I had spent three or four more seconds looking at my phone, I don’t doubt I would have been hit over the head with the metal bar, my car would be gone and I would be in hospital.

“It doesn’t seem real to be honest because it is so far removed from my normal life.”

Police are asking anyone who saw the incident or has information to contact them on 101, or via Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111, with reference SR 449 of June 27.