St Albans Apprentice winner Stella English ‘suing’ Lord Sugar

APPRENTICE winner Stella English is reported to be suing Lord Sugar for constructive dismissal after alleging she was forced out of a job in his business empire.

Stella, 32, who lives with her family in the Napsbury area, won the popular TV series in 2010 after impressing Lord Sugar with the coolness and determination which earned her the soubriquet The Ice Maiden.

As part of the �100,000 contract she won in The Apprentice, she was originally employed at Viglen in Radlett, one of his companies, but was switched to another one of his businesses, YouView.

But that did not work out either and last year she told a national Sunday newspaper that Lord Sugar had told her that her contract would be up in December.

She is now understood to have lodged papers with an employment tribunal claiming constructive dismissal.