St Albans animal lovers rally to help with vet costs for attacked cat

Robin the cat, when he was healthy.

Robin the cat, when he was healthy. - Credit: Archant

Animal lovers have rallied round to help with the veterinary costs for a St Albans cat after it was brutally attacked.

In March the Herts Advertiser reported how pet cat Robin the cat had gone missing from his family home, only to be subsequently kicked in the face and left to die.

When the black cat returned home 10 days later he had a broken jaw, was suffering extreme weight-loss, had yellow discharge from his eyes and was bleeding.

His owners, Laura Cheadle and her family, have had to pay out about £1,000 in vet’s charges, not counting travel costs to London - which she describes as an “astronomical” amount for the family.

Laura and her husband, Shane, have had to take on extra hours at their respective workplaces in order to cover the costs so far, but now generous St Albans residents have started donating money to help out.

The cash raised will go towards his next operation on June 22, which will help him eat properly.

Laura said: “Since his last operation he has taken so many steps forward, he is so determined to get better - it’s so horrible.

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“At the end of the day, he’s my cat, I would do anything for him, he is a member of the family, he is one of us.”

Her friend suggested setting up the fundraising page, and Laura described her as “absolutely amazing”: “The responses I have had so far and the messages, I feel more hopeful, really that we can do this, we can get through this, nothing will stop us.”

Laura is a little nervous about the operation and risks involved, but is very thankful to Celia Hammond Animal Trust where he has been receiving treatment: “They have been fantastic, I cannot thank them enough for how much they have done for Robin and the support they have given us before and after.”

About £150 towards the £600 target has already been raised and anymore collected will be donated to St Albans Cats Protection. Laura is also planning to hold a fundraising event in aid of Cats Protection in September.

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