St Albans charity challenge with twinned town Worms raises money for Earthworks

St Albans to Worms team

A team based in St Albans - and in twinned town Worms, Germany - are walking, running and cycling the return distance between the two places for Earthworks - Credit: St Albans to Worms team

A gaggle of St Albans fundraisers have teamed up with residents of our city's twin town to raise money for Earthworks.

With their annual trip to Worms cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, Lewis Wynne and his team based in St Albans virtually put their heads together to think of other things they could do together, even though they were around 500 miles apart.

"We came up with this idea, that we'd do the equivalent distance between the two places," Lewis said.

Lewis Wynne and James Edwards

Lewis Wynne (left) and James Edwards (right) out and about in St Albans whilst taking on their challenge - Credit: James Edwards

It was from there that the idea of a charity fundraiser was born: eight St Albans natives and three Worms residents would walk, run and cycle the equivalent distance between the two towns and back.

Lewis said: "How it all started, me and my group of mates wanted to find something to do together, and six or seven years ago, we decided to go to Worms in Germany, because it's our twin town and something a bit different.

James Edwards

James Edwards taking part in the St Albans to Worms (and back!) challenge - Credit: James Edwards

"We developed quite a close friendship with some of the guys out there, so we ended up going to one of the guy's weddings out there, and they came here."

group pic

The lads from St Albans even went out to Worms for Markus Weller's (front left) wedding to wife Uta - Credit: Lewis Wynne

The original challenge set would see the 11 participants journey the 926 miles over February and March, but the team are now aiming to walk, run and cycle as far as they can before their deadline at the end of next month.

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At the time of publication, the fundraisers are only 57 miles away from completing their allotted 926 miles.

Rhys Wynne

Rhys Wynne (pictured) will also be taking on the London Marathon for Earthworks later this year - Credit: Rhys Wynne

Originally setting out to raise £1,000 to buy Earthworks a new printer, they have already raised almost £1,500, and have now set their sights on raising £2,500 for the St Albans-based horticultural and nature-based charity for people with learning disabilities.

Participant James Edwards said of the challenge so far: "It has been great to be able to get out and about knowing every step is a step closer to our 926 mile target. Makes it even more worthwhile when you're raising money for such a great charity."

Andrew Levey

Team member Andrew Levey - Credit: Andrew Levey

Andrew Levey added: "We first visited our twin town of Worms in 2014. Despite not knowing anyone we were warmly welcomed and forged friendships that are still going strong today. Can't wait to get back to Germany once the situation has improved!"

Markus and Uta

Markus and Uta Weller have been taking part in the challenge from their home in Worms - Credit: Markus Weller

"After the guys from St Albans [came] to Germany some years ago everybody desperately wanted to go to St Albans. But no one could have imagined what great friendships have evolved. And so there is no moment to hesitate and help a good friend with this charity project!" added Markus and Uta Weller and Sven Jorissen, who live in Worms.

Team member Rhys Wynne is also running the London Marathon for Earthworks later this year.

To donate to Earthworks, visit To follow the team's challenge, click here.