St Albans and Harpenden igloos were snow place like home

A NEW pastime broke out in the district as freezing temperatures turned snow into ice last week – igloo building.

Two snow-loving brothers spent 14 hours creating an igloo at a school playing field and a St Albans man worked day and night for four days to complete an igloo in the Abbey Orchard.

Paul and Marc Caputo from Harpenden, aged 29 and 25 respectively, created the large snow structure at Sir John Lawes in Manland Way after asking the school’s caretaker for permission.

Paul explained: “It was a large area where none of the snow had been disturbed. It was all done for the kids of the school to enjoy and use – our Christmas present to them! 14 hours of hard graft.”

The igloo held around four people and children have enjoyed playing in it. It was hoped that it would remain in place for at least two weeks and be waiting for Sir John Lawes students on their return.

Battling a sore throat and cold, Chequer Street resident Adrian Barlow embarked on his ambitious Christmas project in the Abbey Orchard last week.

Neighbours lent Adrian recycling containers which he packed with snow to create at least 150 “bricks” for the igloo, which featured a resting area and short passageway.

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Despite the bitter cold, the 31-year-old worked day and night from Sunday, December 19, finally completing the snowhouse on Christmas Eve with the help of friends. The self-employed motor mechanic held a small disco to celebrate the dome’s completion last Friday.

Adrian said: “It’s a good laugh, apart from the fact I have a cold and a sore throat, and I have run out of clean socks as every pair is wet.”

Unfortunately when he left the igloo to get some much needed sleep at 4am one morning, two snow shovels were stolen from the unsecured igloo, which he built to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

Adrian built an igloo last Christmas and said his success spurred him on to repeat the exercise. He explained: “The kids enjoyed it so much last year that I thought it would be a nice project to do.”

His mum and stepdad have pitched in too, supplying Adrian with hot soup and mince pies. Curious visitors have peered into the igloo and children enjoyed walking inside the snow dome which featured “peep holes” constructed from PVC pipes and a small fireplace.