St Albans and Harpenden students collect A Level results

Students from Beaumont School in St Albans celebrate their A Level results.

Students from Beaumont School in St Albans celebrate their A Level results. - Credit: Beaumont

For the second year running, students in St Albans and Harpenden anxiously opened their A Level results after completing their courses without taking final exams.

Two years of hard work in challenging circumstances amidst a global pandemic has certainly paid off for Verulam students who celebrated record breaking results in A Level and vocational courses. 

Head of sixth form Stephen Base said: "Ironically, the effects of two years of lockdown and interrupted learning was to ensure that our students were more prepared than ever for home learning and revision.

"Moreover, they approached their modular style assessments in March, April and May with real grit and determination to succeed.” 

Students from Beaumont School in St Albans celebrate their A Level results.

Students from Beaumont School in St Albans celebrate their A Level results. - Credit: Beaumont

Departing headteacher, Paul Ramsey added: “I’m incredibly proud of the hard work and optimism of this cohort of students, they have always been delightful members of the school  community and deserving of these outstanding grades – Verulam’s best ever."

Head of Sir John Lawes School Phil Newbery said he is incredibly proud of their A Level and BTEC students after what has been a challenging two years.

"Completing your studies during a global pandemic is not what the students expected as they embarked on their courses two years ago. However, instead of complaining, they have worked extremely hard both in school and remotely and deserve all the success they have gained."

Sir John Lawes students Justine Jing and Jay Colsten-Patel.

Sir John Lawes students Justine Jing and Jay Colsten-Patel. - Credit: SJL

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Head of sixth form, Cait Rickard, added: “Having known the different experiences of the students over the last two years, it is wonderful to see how much they have achieved. I’m very proud of them, not only because of their academic performance but also because of the mature, responsible young people they have grown into. They are certainly more than ready to face any challenges that the world may throw at them.”

Justine Jing, who achieved 4 A*s and is off to Cambridge to study law said it was a proud day
for her and my family.

"I have worked incredibly hard over the years. It’s been tough with the uncertainty but if you keep applying yourself and are supported by your teachers you can achieve anything you put your mind to."

Jay Colsten-Patel, who also achieved 4 A*grades and is taking a gap year, added: “Thanks to the school for always believing in me and supporting me through what has been an unpredictable journey, I’m so relieved!”

Beaumont students achieved outstanding results in their ‘A’ level and BTEC courses, with a record number securing a place at a university of their choice, including twins Rob and Tom Linzell, who will be taking degrees in engineering next year as a result of being awarded five A* two A grades.

Beaumont twins Rob and Tom Linzell.

Beaumont twins Rob and Tom Linzell. - Credit: Beaumont

Headteacher Martin Atkinson said: “I am immensely proud of what this cohort has achieved in unprecedented circumstances.

"Throughout the periods of national lockdown, their teachers ensured that quality learning could continue remotely, backed up with additional support from the pastoral staff, and our Year 13 students rose to the challenge brilliantly”.

Deputy headteacher Yvonne Powdrell, added: “As a school, we were able to meet all of the quality assurance standards set by Ofqual and the exam boards in how we assessed our students and we are confident that our leavers have gained skills and qualifications that will enable them to embrace fully the opportunities of Higher Education and beyond.”

Verulam students collect their A Level results.

Verulam students collect their A Level results. - Credit: Verulam

Not all secondary schools within the district had provided details of their results as the Herts Advertiser went to press. We are expecting a statement from St Albans and Harpenden Secondary School Headteachers (STASSH) to coincide with the release of GCSE results on Thursday, but this was too late for this week's print edition.