St Albans Amber movie star enjoys red carpet debut

Connie Jenkins-Greig on the red carpet for the film Amber.

Connie Jenkins-Greig on the red carpet for the film Amber. - Credit: Archant

A young and talented St Albans actress has premiered on the big screen in London’s famous Leicester Square Vue cinema.

Connie Jenkins-Greig

Connie Jenkins-Greig - Credit: Archant

Connie Jenkins-Greig, 13, is one of the lead roles in independent action film Amber, directed by award-winning stunt man David Newton.

She plays the eponymous lead, the mute daughter of a hit-man who must give up his life to save her - the film was screened as part of the Raindance Film Festival.

Connie’s mum Sarah said she really enjoyed the film: “[The red carpet] was a super evening, I am a proud mum.

“She has done brilliantly and she enjoyed her red carpet experience immensely - she got to speak to a lot of people and was interviewed with a camera and a microphone.”

After seeing all the action featured in the film, Connie has been inspired to take up Tae Kwon-Do to “see what she can achieve”, Sarah said.

Adding: “When she doesn’t speak [in the film] a lot of the acting is expression, and it comes over really well because she has to be very subtle. It was really interesting learning about selective mutism.”

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Although barely into her teens, Connie’s career has started with a bang - she has been on TV three times as an orphan in ITV’s Mr Selfridge, as Gail Meadow’s daughter in BBC1’s New Blood, and in a Green Flag car breakdown insurance advert.

She has also been the lead in two short films, Skye and After Hours, and has performed to 10,000 people at West End Live - a musical theatre festival in Trafalgar Square.

Connie was also picked to perform with The National Youth Music Theatre (NYMT), and received an early offer for the Youth Music Theatre (YMT) company.

Her mum said Connie juggles a lot of commitments to pursue her dream: “She is amazing - she was doing her exams, then another day she was on stage, and then another day she was filming. It was certainly a fabulous experience and one we hope will be repeated.”

Connie said: “It was really cool because I have never been on the red carpet before.

“It was such an amazing experience, I learned so much and everyone was so welcoming, everyone helped me through it.”

Amber took only a month to film, and it is hoped will debut to audiences around the world soon.