St Albans actress in starring film role

AN ASPIRING actress from St Albans has made it on to the big screen this month, with a starring role in a British comedy.

Emma Louise Cargill, who was a student at Beaumont School and Oaklands College, can be seen playing Candy in the mockumentary On the Ropes.

Emma, 21, attended her first exclusive premiere at the start of this month and says she couldn’t be more proud of the final product.

The movie tells the story of fictional martial arts instructor Keith Kraft, played by Mark Noyce and his rivalry with boxing gym owner Big Joe, actor and former boxer Joe Egan.

Emma, who studied drama at Beaumont, said she was initially asked to work on a few scenes, improvising with other members of the cast who she also knew socially, and soon found herself taking on the role of Candy.

She said: “We’re a very close team and we worked together for a long time on this film. I’d worked with Mark and looked at a few situations Candy might end up in, and I didn’t realise he was casting me for the role.

“Candy’s a very likable character and means well but I don’t think she’s always aware of her actions.”

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Emma filmed the majority of the scenes while completing her final year at university where she was studying criminology. She added: “If I wasn’t writing my dissertation, I was filming scenes for the film. It was a very busy but enjoyable time.”

Despite unearthing a passion for acting while at the St Albans school, Emma had wanted to get a degree under her belt before she pursued it further.

Emma is already working on her next film, Shaniqua, which will be with the same team behind On the Ropes. She will take on the lead role in the film which will be produced as part of a three-year distribution agreement between Cornerstone Media International, Frozen Echo Productions and Ink Pixel Films.