Speeding drivers targeted on dangerous Redbourn Road

A5183 Redbourn Road. New speed limit at the Pre bend.

Police have targeted speeding drivers along sections of the A5183 Redbourn Road - Credit: Archant

More action is being taken to combat the issues of speeding on Redbourn Road, after drivers were caught going over the limit.

On Wednesday, March 10, speeding drivers on the A5183 were targeted by police in an attempt to address the dangers of the road.

The frequency of speeding incidents and accidents along the Redbourn Road has seen campaigners petition to reduce speeding, as well as deaths and injuries on a notorious accident blackspot.

Cllr Annie Brewster is campaigning for safety measures on Redbourn Road. Picture: Supplied

Cllr Annie Brewster is campaigning for safety measures on Redbourn Road. Picture: Supplied - Credit: Archant


The campaign, which was headed by Cllr Annie Brewster, also saw a request for a segregated cycle lane to be installed along the road, but it was rejected by Herts county council last year.

On Wednesday, more than 500 cars passed through between 9.30am and 11.30am, with eight cars travelling between 35 to 40mph in the 30mph limit.

Officers then moved into the 40mph limit section of the road where they spoke to five drivers who were exceeding the speed limit.

A5183 Redbourn Road. New speed limit at the Pre bend.

New speed limits have been introduced along Redbourn Road to combat speeding and prevent fatalities - Credit: Archant

Harpenden Neighbourhood Sergeant Mark Essam said: “Unfortunately, some drivers have been using this road as a race track which increases the chances of road traffic collisions and puts other road users in danger. 

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He added: “Due to the wet driving conditions, drivers seemed to be more cautious yesterday, however we did speak to a few drivers who were exceeding the 30mph and 40mph limits and we gave them strong words of advice.

"If any of them had been excessively speeding, we would have issued fines and in extreme cases, some may have been summonsed directly to court. We will continue speeding operations in the areas identified, so to make sure you are not caught out, obey the speed limit - it is there for a reason.”

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Whitney Elizabeth Hughes has also actively campaigned for further safety improvements to prevent further fatalities along the Redbourn Road, after her mother, Gillian Williams died in a collision on the road in October 2019.

She previously told the Herts Ad: "My mum told me several times that Redbourn Road is dangerous and to be careful as people have died in accidents there."

Whitney believes the road would be much safer with speed cameras and better lighting.

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