So what makes it #SuperStAlbans ?

Market Day in St Albans

Market Day in St Albans - Credit: Archant

For many years St Albans has flitted in and out of lists and compilations about where in the UK is best to live, where are the best schools, and where best to raise a family.

It is pitted against the Big Smoke as somewhere to retreat to and often treated as a side dish on the vast menu of towns and cities to tuck into.

Often hashed together by outsiders looking in, one thing I have realised in reading these round-ups in recent years is that they aren’t a true representation of all we have to offer.

When the spotlight shines brightly on various aspects of the area, you actually start to notice what has been missed rather than admired.

Great transport links? Sure. Decent house prices? I guess. Good education? Second to none – even Steven Hawking said his education was as good, if not better, than any he could have got in London.

But as we navigate our daily lives – whether this consists of grabbing a morning coffee, choosing where to have dinner, or which of the many local shows to go and see – are the things we are being told are great, really the things that spring to mind? Of course not.

There’s an undercurrent of culture, creativity, and can’t-quite-capture perks of living in our little Hertfordshire hotspot, that only true ‘Albanians’ would know and out-of-town list-compilers seem to consistently miss.

Thanks to our loyal readers and Twitter followers we’ve been able to unearth hundreds of favourite features using the hashtag #superstalbans.

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Our new campaign of the same name aims to pay homage to the Herts Advertiser’s home town and highlight everything worth celebrating. Basically we are giving St Albans a massive high five and a huge pat on the back.

You can get involved by tweeting your suggestions using the hashtag #superstalbans, and to get you started, here are some more ideas from our readers...

Vanessa Gregory @VanessaStAlbans

I can vouch it is a spectacular view from the top of the Clock Tower

Matt Pendell @thisismattyp

Home of the oldest pub

John B-S @johnbs100

#superstalbans is a great place. Ancient Roman city, the cathedral, pubs, theatres, tHE arts, and its own community station @radioverulam

Ethanie Turner @wiredforstyle

I miss living in #SuperStAlbans because of its history & culture. So much to offer. Food, indies, arts. New meets old.

Ben Richardson @CaptureBen

Other things: the Roman Museum at Verulamium Park is brill for kids and pleasant surprise for out-of-towners

St Albans Lou @stalbanslou

Gorhambury ruins

HeartwoodCandleCo. @HeartwoodCandle

Mayor Annie Brewster! a lovely lady, with an abundance of energy to get involved,help causes & have fun doing it!

Heaven is a Cupcake @heavensacupcake

I love the people of St Albans. I’ve made such great friends through twitter & the biz

Ben Richardson @CaptureBen

One of my faves is @SokoCoffee down at the station. Charlie’s coffee and charm are a highlight!

Carl @Carl_C81

For me it’s about the vibrant voluntary and community sector. So much dedication to improve the lives of the vulnerable

Becky Alexander @thelocalfoodie

The Food Festival, Film Festival, Literary Festival…

Shedworking @shedworking

Cathedral choir #superstalbans

Monique Hall @moniquehertsad

I am LOVIN your #SuperStAlbans tweets. Here are mine! @thebootstalbans @hatchStA @TheSnugAlbans @StAlbansFF @StAFashionWeek

Little Viking @little_viking_

It’s clearly the brilliant shops for ultimate retail therapy! And the trees.

Martin Leach @martindleach

Verulamium Park full of people enjoying a saunter or a picnic over weekend

Matt Adams @matthertsad

“Any bowl fer a paaaannd!” Love Market Day.

ChloeJamesLifestyle ‏@ChloeJamesStore

Indie businesses make #superstalbans unique! @BakehouseStA @EveandAdamspa @sarahiovanehair @GladragsStA many more & us!

Fencemaster @fencemaster

James, who makes our awful train journeys tolerable, is a #superstalbans star.

Angie & Sophie @LoudbirdPR

The best theatre schools are here, like @tophatherts agency and @toptalentagency

Matt Adams @matthertsad

We have our very own independent record shop! Not many towns/cities can claim such a privilege! @EmpireStAlbans

Chris Hickman @chrishickman

@WoodlandTrust Heartwood Forest, 850 acres of woodland, right on your doorstep!

Two pots, boiling @2_pots_boiling

Mustn’t forget #SuperStAlbans theatre @AbbeyTheatreSA @CompanyofTen @StAlbansOpSoc @trestletheatre @MaltingsTheatre – who needs West End?

St Albans @stalbansmgtrust

Creating a fantastic new museum and gallery in the Town Hall #renaissancestalbans

Fencemaster @fencemaster

The Eastern Bluebird is the official bird of New York. It’s time #superstalbans had an official bird. I nominate: the pigeon. #officialbird