Sleazy St Albans dentist kicked out of the profession

A BRAVE mum who succeeded in getting a St Albans dentist kicked out of the profession for trying to seduce her said this week that she was “glad” he hadn’t got away with his sordid behaviour.

She spoke to the Herts Advertiser after sleazy dentist Milan Shah pestered her, his patient, with mobile phone calls at weekends over a two-year period after her husband suffered permanent brain damage following a freak accident.

The dentist also wrongly told her a treatment she needed was not available on the NHS. In April 2009 he offered to reduce the cost if the woman, known as patient A, would “spend some time with him.”

Shah, who practised at Alexander House Dental Practice in St Peter’s Street, has been permanently kicked out of the profession following a General Dental Council (GDC) misconduct hearing.

The hearing was told how the dentist apparently took the woman’s mobile number from files at the dentist’s surgery and called her weekly after her husband’s life-threatening accident.

When she confronted him at the surgery to ask him to stop phoning, he said: “You are not getting any loving from your husband and I am not from my wife, maybe we can help each other out.”

Giving evidence the woman told the hearing she “knew exactly what he was suggesting” and that “at that point I felt very uncomfortable” and was “shocked” at his comment.

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She complained after discovering a root canal treatment costing �350, which Shah said was only available privately, could have been done on the NHS for about �45.

Shah denied telling the woman that the treatment she needed was not available on the NHS, though he admitted failing to get her informed consent and a signed consent for the private treatment.

The dentist also admitted that he tried to get her to withdraw her complaint to the NHS trust and that was inappropriate.

The GDC panel found that he had called her “repeatedly” and “made comments to her which amount to a sexual advance.” It also found that he was misleading and dishonest when he told her a root canal procedure was not available on the NHS, and that he failed to get her informed consent for the procedure. The charges dated from between April 1, 2007 and April 30, 2009.

Speaking after the GDC ruling, the woman said that she had been a patient of Shah’s for about 18 months before the sleazy behaviour began. Following her husband’s accident, Shah phoned her at weekends on her mobile number, inviting her to visit the surgery for a chat.

With her husband fighting for his life in hospital, she couldn’t ignore mobile phone calls and because Shah phoned on a withheld number, she did not know whether it was him or the hospital phoning.

She said: “I was worried about him turning up to the house. I didn’t need a pervy dentist giving me grief.”

The woman decided to complain about Shah as his actions, “needed to be brought to light, because I thought it was my duty.”

Reflecting on Shah being banned from the profession, the woman said: “I think he got what he deserved because he was told to stop and he didn’t. I didn’t want to ruin his career, but I had no option. I’m happy with the result.”

Ordering Shah, of Rickmansworth Road, Pinner, be struck off, GDC panel chair Mary Harley told him: “Your conduct was a serious breach of the trust that patient A had placed in you as a dental professional. That she was a patient in an especially vulnerable situation is an aggravating feature of your conduct.

“The committee is in no doubt that, taken as a whole, your conduct fell far short of the standards expected of a dental professional and amounted to misconduct… You have shown no remorse or insight.”

She said a permanent striking-off order was necessary to protect the public and maintain confidence in the profession.