Single lane traffic on Radlett bridge is condemned as ‘an act of madness’

A lorry has to wait to let cars cross the bridge on Harper lane, leading to Watling Street

A lorry has to wait to let cars cross the bridge on Harper lane, leading to Watling Street - Credit: Archant

Converting traffic into one single lane on a small Radlett bridge “is an act of madness”, a neighbour has claimed.

Bloor Homes – the developers behind the planned construction of 216 new homes on the former Harperbury Hospital, off Harper Lane – propose to put in a cycle path along the road as well as reducing cars into single file across the bridge leading out onto Watling Street.

But Yvonne Rowson, who lives just over half a mile up the road, said this idea “cannot possibly work” as the bridge was already too narrow and the traffic too heavy making it dangerous.

She said: “I run a business from here and the road is a complete rat run and already a nightmare and I don’t think there is anyone living here who doesn’t feel the same.

“A lot of mornings a week the traffic will be built up from the lane, because of the industrial areas nearby such as Lafarge, the lorries coming in and out, the school nearby and if anything is wrong on the M25 it becomes a complete nightmare.”

“Believe you me it can’t possibly work – if the council even considers approving it I think they should put temporary traffic lights for five or six weeks to see, but it just won’t.”

She added that the bridge was no longer “fit for purpose” and “narrow enough with just two cars side by side”.

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She went on: “Someone need to looks at it. It is narrow enough with just two cars side by side so if a lorry wants to come through the bridge the cars have to stop and wait.

“The developers feel they have come up with the answer to the bridge but if anything they should put their money to good use and use it to pay for the bridge to be widened or a roundabout.“

David Joseph, Strategic Planning Director at Bloor Homes: “The junction currently causes delays and issues for all road users, particularly when HGV traffic turns into and out of Harper Lane.

“The proposals to signalise the junction and reduce the road to a single lane across the rail bridge, will improve safety and remove this issue.

“It also allows a separate footway/cycleway to make these journeys safer too. Overall this scheme will be a great improvement on what is there.”