Why raising money for the Herts 10K makes a difference for Rennie Grove

Jo and her team taking part in last year's Herts 10K.

Jo and her team taking part in last year's Herts 10K. - Credit: Archant

Why do people take part in the Herts 10K? Each year, thousands of people join in the charity run to help Rennie Grove, and although this year’s event is a virtual one, it’s no less important as a means of fundraising.

Jo Milligan was referred to Rennie Grove Hospice Care after her mum was diagnosed with motor neurons disease in 2019. The nurses were there for Jo and her family during the last days of her mum’s life.

Jo and her family made the decision to support Rennie Grove to help other families in their situation. Jo, her partner and their three children ran in the Herts 10K last October and raised £1,500 for the charity.

“We were elated to have been able to repay some of our debt of gratitude,” said Jo.

“We realise that this support needs to be ongoing because no matter what else is happening in this world, patients and their families are still just as much in need of the tremendous support we got from Rennie Grove.”

“Luckily for us the Rennie Grove support came just at the right moment,” said Jo. “How we would have got through those last days of my mum’s life without them I can’t even begin to imagine.

“They walked into a house of complete panic and turmoil and turned it into a house of peace and acceptance.”

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Although an operation to insert a feeding tube was successful, Jo’s mum passed away three days later on July 8 2019 from a pulmonary embolism.

“The nurses were with us all day and on call all night for the last two and a half days of my mum’s life, giving pain relief, talking to my mum, propping up the family and allowing my mum to die peacefully in her own home.”

Despite a knee injury, Jo will continue to support Rennie Grove by fundraising in the Virtual Herts 10k this year, and her support will raise essential funds for patients and families like hers.

You can help Rennie Grove continue to support families like Jo’s. The virtual Herts 10K and Half Marathon gives you the opportunity to plot a 10K or half marathon route in your local area and fundraise to support these much needed services. Every penny you raise will help Rennie Grove provide care and support for local people.

Sign up today at www.herts10K.com.