Sick horse abandoned in Colney Heath is rescued by RSPCA

Billy was abandoned in a Colney Heath field

Billy was abandoned in a Colney Heath field - Credit: photo supplied

The RSPCA is appealing for information about a sick horse found abandoned in a field in Colney Heath, tethered and lethargic with a high temperature.

Inspector Kirsty Withnall said that the black gypsy cob, named Billy by the charity’s staff, was found on Saturday (21) in a field off Roestock Lane.

The sick animal, which was also suffering from worms, is the latest horse found fly-grazing in that part of Colney Heath.

Kirsty said: “Billy was really thin when I found him. My visit to the field came the day after a colleague had dealt with a dead horse, which was also found nearby.

“He has a really sweet temperament and is already showing signs of recovery after he received veterinary treatment and RSPCA care.”

Kirsty said that if no one came forward to claim the abandoned horse, aged between one and two years, the charity would try to find a new home for him, where he will be well looked after.

She added: “Fly-grazing is a real problem in this area. Charities like the RSPCA cannot keep picking up the pieces when horses are left by irresponsible owners on other peoples’ land with no thought for the animal’s welfare.”

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In May this year, the Herts Advertiser carried a story about the fly-grazing of mainly travellers’ horses reaching crisis level, with more than 40 removed from a busy local arterial road, or put down in the previous year after being struck by vehicles.

Anyone with information about Billy is asked to call 0300 123 8018 and leave a message for Kirsty.