Siblings square up for Herts 10K

Lucy Ison

Lucy Ison - Credit: Archant

Rennie Grove Hospice Care’s flagship event, the Herts 10k, returns to Harpenden on Sunday October 9, bringing with it new and experienced runners alike to the start line. No stranger to long distant running, physiotherapist Lucy Ison - who grew up in Harpenden - is travelling from Emsworth to compete in the Herts 10k with her two brothers Tim and Jez.

Lucy said: “My brothers and I are keen runners - I’m the slow one! - and when my eldest brother suggested we all did it together I was quick to say yes.

“He has run it many times and highly recommends it. It’s a good opportunity to get together and compete as a family - we have not had the chance to do anything like this together before.

“We are not close geographically but we are very close siblings - unfortunately our sister can’t make it.

“My brothers are both sporty guys and very competitive with each other, in a brotherly love sort of way! They get on really well together but again due to where we all live, don’t see too much of each other so this is also a great way to get together.

“I also enjoy entering events which help an excellent cause. We will be finishing off the day with lunch in Harpenden with our mum as it’s her birthday!”

Many people often take part in Rennie Grove’s events due to a personal connection with their services. Whilst Lucy doesn’t have connection on a personal level, as a healthcare professional she understands the importance of raising funds to continue to provide end-of-life care to patients with cancer and other life-limiting illnesses.

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She continued: “Many of my patients access hospice care, which is so valuable to them. Our grandmother used to use the services of a hospice in Luton many years ago and she couldn’t speak highly enough about the support they offered in her final months of life.

“All of us have run 10ks and half marathons before. There have been quite a few emails between us egging each other on; it’s hilarious how competitive we are all getting, the closer it gets to the race day.

“At the moment I’m running and cycling to try to build on my fitness as I would love to be as quick as my brothers on the day.

“If anyone is considering signing up but hasn’t yet done so, I would say just go for it – you will feel amazing at the end. Events like this are so worth getting involved in. It will be a great achievement and raising money for a worthy cause. It’s not about the time you do the run in but the participation.”

If you would like to sign up for the Herts 10k, taking place on Sunday October 9, visit here.