Shenley woman celebrates 100th birthday

Chocolate and tipple of whisky could be the keys to longevity

CENTENARIAN Nellie Thrower who recently celebrated her 100th birthday has joked that enjoying a regular tipple of her favourite whisky may have helped her reach the milestone age.

Nellie was given a personalised bottle of The Famous Grouse whisky at a party celebrating the centenarian’s special day, on October 1, at Wilton House in Shenley.

Activities coordinator at the home, Maureen Ashman, said Nellie jokingly ascribed her longevity to a daily tipple of the scotch whisky.

Maureen said: “That is the only alcohol she likes to drink.”

She said that Nellie was stunned when she received a bottle labelled “The Famous Nellie” in honour of the occasion from The Edrington Group, which produces the whisky.

The 100-year-old also indulges in a piece of Swiss chocolate every day.

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Maureen added that Nellie has always had a sharp fashion sense, and has spoken about meeting King George V and Queen Mary when they officially opened Shenley Hospital in 1934.

One of Nellie’s fondest memories is of Queen Mary telling her during the visit that the dress she was wearing, which she had made herself, was beautiful.

Maureen said that until last year Nellie, who still has an agile mind, was always reading, completing crossword puzzles and watching quizzes on TV, especially her favourite show, The Weakest Link.

Unfortunately her eyesight has been steadily failing so it was now difficult for her to enjoy those hobbies.

But Maureen said that Nellie was always in good spirits and had a wonderful birthday party as she was joined by family and many friends from Shenley, where she lived for over 70 years before moving to Wilton House in 2008.