Sewage water leaks through St Albans restaurant ceiling into dining room

Bill's restuarant on Chequers Street

Bill's restuarant on Chequers Street - Credit: Archant

A St Albans restaurant had to close when sewage water leaked through the ceiling and into the dining area.

On Friday evening a section of Bill’s in Chequer Street was cordoned off while patrons carried on eating, but eventually the whole restaurant had to shut to sort out the problem.

The seeping waste water was caused by a blocked pipe in the upstairs toilets.

Although the restaurant tried to reopen on Saturday morning, the drip reappeared and it had to close again.

A spokesperson from Bill’s said: “As soon as we were aware of a leak we took immediate steps to address the situation, ensuring that the appropriate areas of the restaurant were cordoned off and then closed for our customers’ safety.

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“We worked closely with the EHO [Environmental Health Officer] and are pleased to say the situation is now resolved.”

She said Bill’s takes hygiene “extremely seriously” and “conduct regular internal audits and training to ensure [they] strive for a high level of hygiene in all [the] restaurants”.

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St Albans district council (SADC) were also called to the eatery after a complaint from a diner.

Head of Community Services for SADC, Debbi White, said: “The officer confirmed there was a pipe blockage which was causing foul water to drip into the restaurant dining area. This was a potential health hazard.”

She said Bill’s management closed voluntarily to allow for investigations and to solve the issue.

Adding: “The restaurant briefly reopened on Saturday morning only for the problem to return in the afternoon before it was finally resolved on Sunday.

“We remained in contact with the management over the weekend and on Monday carried out a further inspection to ensure there were no remaining food safety issues.”

Bill’s in St Albans was previously a Cross Keys bar, but was been refurbished by the chain in 2013. It serves meals from breakfast through to dinner.

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