Sewage seen gushing along St Albans road

Sewage has been seen along London Road in St Albans

Sewage has been seen along London Road in St Albans - Credit: Photo supplied

FOUL-smelling wastewater has been seen gushing from two manholes on a St Albans road, prompting a county councillor to complain about Thames Water’s tardy response to the ongoing problem.

Herts county councillor (HCC) for St Albans central Chris White said that he and other pedestrians were this morning (Wednesday) “literally sprinting past puddles as Thames Water continues to allow sewage to pour down London Road in St Albans.”

Cllr White said it was “definitely sewage water”.

He added: “Thames Water has been neglecting a defective manhole under the railway bridge for some time - despite repeated requests for action.

“Now they have allowed a second front to open up 50 metres further on, on the corner of Cunningham Ave. The result is foul water running over hundreds of metres, and roadside puddles.

“Those trying to get to work are having to pause and then sprint past the puddles in order to avoid being splashed from head-to-toe by traffic.”

Cllr White said that the county council should start legal action against Thames Water as the firm had been “arrogant” about the problem despite repeatedly being asked by HCC to fix the leaks.

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He maintained the leakage had been apparent for month and was concerned that with more icy weather forecast this week, the situation would become worse.

A spokeswoman for Thames Water, which provides local sewage services, said: “We have been monitoring the manholes in London Road following reports of flooding but have so far not been able to find any cause.

“However, our engineers are going back out today to assess the situation and we already have a meeting planned with the local authority on Friday to discuss the problem. We will try and get this resolved as soon as we can.”