Sewage pumped into London Colney High Street after pipe is blocked again

The flooding after a sewer in High Street in London Colney overflowed

The flooding after a sewer in High Street in London Colney overflowed - Credit: Archant

A blocked sewer pipe in a busy high street has once again caused misery for villagers with raw stinking sewage being pumped into the road.

London Colney residents have hit out after a sewer pipe outside The White Horse became blocked causing the area outside the pub and neighbouring mosque to become completely flooded with raw sewage.

This is the second time in less than a month that neighbours have been affected by the overflow, with a similar incident reported to utilities company Thames Water at the start of June.

The same thing has also happened on a number of other occasions over the last couple of years.

Richard Housden of Five Acres, said: “Thames Water has been well aware of the problem because property has been flooded time and time again.

“They blame what people are putting down the drains as the cause of the blockage, but people have putting the same things down there for over 50 years and the system hasn’t had any service since then.”

Richard, who has 30 years of experience in civil engineering, had previously met with workers on site to help make the system operational after sewers overflowed.

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He said: “But there needs to be a complete overhaul. London Colney is one of the biggest villages in the country and an increase in new developments is putting increased pressure on an ‘already overloaded’ drainage system.

“When I first moved here the village consisted of only a handful of houses, the High Street, King’s Street, Queen Street and Alexander Road but we have kept adding and adding to it so what was once a more than adequate option, no longer is.”

He added: “Thames Water come out to the different areas and do the minimum they can so the areas are operational for a few weeks or months.

“But it’s like pouring water into a bath and continuing to do it even though water is overflowing; if there is a leak it needs to be fixed.”

Newly-elected councillor, Simon Calder, said: “This week’s blockage was down to deposited fat, oil, grease and wet wipes, which is the same thing that had happened three weeks ago.

“This time the company has put it down to local businesses rather than homeowners.”

Cllr Katherine Gardner said: “It is clear that the sewer system in London Colney is in a poor state given the repeated problems that residents have had to endure.

“Thames Water’s response has been to clear the foul water flooding when it occurs but does not seem to be targeted at properly rectifying the underlying issue in the High Street or similar issues elsewhere in the village.”

She is arranging an on-site meeting with senior managers from Thames Water to discuss the problem.

A spokeswoman for Thames Water said: “Each time a blockage forms we clear it but it doesn’t take long for more to form.

“We’ve used CCTV to check the pipe work which showed it’s in good condition so there are no defects needing repair.

She said the firm would be trying to educate people about, “what they should and shouldn’t be putting down their sinks, drains and toilets”.

She added: “We work very closely with developers and councils at the planning permission stage to make sure developments do not impact our existing customers.”

A jetting operation to clear the pipes is due to take place later on this week.