St Albans schoolgirl looks 'Among Us' at Christmas

Among Us Christmas Poster by Ashmi Bhatt.

Among Us Christmas Poster by Ashmi Bhatt. - Credit: Ashmi Bhatt

A festive poster drawn by a St Albans schoolgirl provoked a huge response on social media.

Marlborough Science Academy pupil Ashmi Bhatt produced the ‘Among Us Christmas Poster’ - based on the popular online computer game - to cheer up members of the St Albans Mums Facebook group after the announcement of Tier 4 and the restrictions on seeing extended family.

The post resulted in hundreds of comments from members who appreciated the simple sentiments it conveyed.

Her mum Gopa explained: "The lesson for us is that children will just ‘get on with it’ and ‘adapt’ to the situation, they will find positivity even in the darkest times while us adults focus on the worry and loss of what may have been."

"I have had lots and lots of lovely comments on on my simple post about being a proud mum, and a lady from St Albans district food bank even contacted me and wanted to make this drawing their Christmas poster! 

"If a simple poster can bring smiles to other people's faces this Christmas why not spread the love and joy?"

Ashmi, who is in Year 7, said she has been overwhelmed and really surprised by the feedback: "I did not expect this. I was just doing it for fun and I was really surprised that people really liked it."