School staff in St Albans accused of posting explicit photos - UPDATED

Marlborough School

Marlborough School - Credit: Archant

A secondary school in St Albans has suspended a staff member and told another to work from home while it investigates an allegation involving the posting of indecent photos online.

The Herts Advertiser has now been informed that the allegation stems from photos of two nude men being sent to a pupil under the age of consent, after he had created a profile on an over-18s social media site.

A source, who did not want to be named, contacted this paper to express his shock at the allegation after being alerted by his child, who has apparently also seen the photos.

He had been told the allegation involved two teaching staff from Marlborough Science Academy, Watling Street. The source said that he understood a boy was sent full frontal nude photos.

In a letter released this afternoon (Thursday) by Marlborough head teacher Annie Thompson, she thanked parents for their support and confidence in the school since the story broke earlier today.

She said she had spoken to Year 11 pupils to reassure them that she understood how this incident had impacted on them, and urged them to move forward with dignity and respect.

In a press statement agreed by all those implicated in the situation she said: “Marlborough can confirm that one member of staff has been suspended and another asked to work from home whilst an investigation is conducted.

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“A Key Stage 4 student created an account on a dating social networking site that requires users to be 18 years of age. This resulted in an unwitting brief online communication taking place between staff and the student.

“The student’s parents have been hugely supportive in the way the school is conducting the investigation and understand completely that no crime has been committed, as confirmed by the relevant agencies.

“Support is being provided for all concerned and the school is following appropriate school policy and procedures.”

Not all of this information was released to the Herts Advertiser yesterday, and the details published were believed to be accurate before we went to press. Every effort was made to speak to the school about this incident, either on or off the record, and this opportunity was not pursued.

A spokesman for Herts Police said officers had not been contacted about the matter.