Saying it with wild flowers at St Albans’ Butterfly World

AT a time when most gardens are going over as autumn approaches, the wildflower verges at Butterfly World are at their peak.

The Chiswell Green scheme hit the national newspapers last August when a mass of wildflowers bloomed in July and August.

But this year it has taken until September for the flowers to come into their own - and they are proving just as much of a draw to visitors.

The delay in the wildflowers reaching their peak has been put down to the dry summer which left them dormant in July and August when they would normally have been expected to flower. The recent rainfall has brought them on and visitors to the attraction driving along the new road, Miriam Lane, into Butterfly World have been assailed by a mass of colour.

Butterfly World, which has had a far better season in its second summer of opening, is remaining open until October 31. The scheme is due to be completed in 2011 with the opening of a massive biome filled with 10,000 tropical butterflies which is set to become a living rainforest.

blob* Conservationist and patron of Butterfly World, Professor David Bellamy, will be on site to have tea with visitors and talk about the project on Sunday, October 10.

He will be giving presentations at 2pm and 4pm in the new Garden Room where visitors will be able to meet him and ask questions about butterflies and his work in conservation.

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David will also be judging a pageant for children under 16 who are dressed up as butterflies.

Photo by Krishan Bhungar