Santa baby... Really? St Albans clinic’s confusing email

The "Santa baby" email from Verulam Clinic

The "Santa baby" email from Verulam Clinic - Credit: Archant

It’s often said that Christmas is getting earlier and earlier …

And undoubtedly, some proud parents do tend to like dressing up their young ones in seasonal attire.

But St Albans mothers were left asking if a ‘fancy dress festive foetus’ is a little too… premature.

An email from the Verulam Clinic, in Victoria Street, seemed to imply that you can get a card made up, with a doctored Santa hat on an unborn baby’s scan image.

It raised a debate as to whether donning a costume while still in the womb, is too soon.

The e-newsletter was sent to all those on the mailing list, promoting scan packages and offering the chance to use a scan image as a Christmas card.

It featured a mock up of a ‘baby Santa’ and the words ‘Wishing you a joyful Christmas’.

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The email read: “Christmas is a time for family, so what better way to wish your loved ones a happy holiday season than a picture of your soon-to-be newest addition?

“Make the most of the pre-baby peace to send a spectacular card this year, ready to be forgiven next year when you don’t quite get around to it!

“As the only clinic in Hertfordshire to offer ‘HD Live’ 4D scans, we can give you the best possible image of your unborn baby.

“Make an appointment now and make sure the images are ready in time for Christmas.”

A festive foetus keepsake to cherish, or a tacky publicity stunt? Well, neither, according to the Verulam Clinic.

It appears that the juxtaposition of the fake ‘card’ next to the words above, caused a misunderstanding - leading a handful of expectant mothers to believe this was a genuine option for their own scan picture.

A spokeswoman at the complimentary healthcare clinic, which also offers services such as counselling, massage and osteopathy, insisted the image was a novelty. She clarified that they are not offering such a ‘Santa scan service’ and it was purely in jest.

She said: “It was just done as a quirky funny interesting little thing, for fun, by the lovely lady who does our emailed newsletter.”