Consultation on St Albans parish Neighbourhood Plan underway

High Street, Sandridge. Picture: Danny Loo.

High Street, Sandridge. Picture: Danny Loo. - Credit: Archant

Residents are being asked for their views on an emerging Neighbourhood Plan for part of the St Albans district.

A consultation on the draft Sandridge Parish Neighbourhood Plan is open until September 27, with a drop-in viewing event on August 17.

The proposals, which have been drafted after earlier consultations with residents, include numerous policies covering transport, housing and the environment.

It looks to restrict development to small scale housing and within the existing village boundary, create more affordable housing, and completely preserve any Green Belt not already included in the St Albans City and District Council Local Plan.

One of the policies relates to the Oaklands College site potentially expanding from 348 to 1,200 homes: "Should the East St Albans Broad adopted within the Local Plan, this policy sets out criteria to ensure the development makes a positive contribution to the entire community, rather than becoming a dormitory commuter estate."

If the plan is approved by referendum, the district council are obliged to consider it in all planning applications.

The Neighbourhood Plan Working Group said: "Changes are inevitable, but we can try to manage changes to improve how we and others in our community live and work.

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"One major way we can do that is through a Neighbourhood Plan, which will cover the period 2019 to 2036.

"The aim is to describe the changes we want to see as well as those we don't - this will then guide council officers (for both Sandridge Parish Council and St Albans district council) when deciding on applications for development and planning permission."

In February last year, the Harpenden Neighbourhood Plan was approved by 4,490 votes at referendum.

The Sandridge Parish consultation event will take place on Saturday (August 17) between 2pm and 5pm at Sandridge Village Hall. Comments on the document will be reviewed after September 2, before it is submitted to the district council.

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