St Albans woman encourages teens to use eco-friendly period products

St Albans woman Ruby Raut has created a First Period Pack for teenagers in a bid to reduce plastic w

St Albans woman Ruby Raut has created a First Period Pack for teenagers in a bid to reduce plastic waste. Picture: WUKA - Credit: Archant

A St Albans-based business making sustainable period underwear has created a First Period Pack for girls starting school this September in an effort to help schools reduce their single-use plastic pollution.

In the UK alone, 4.6 million tampons and pads are flushed down the toilet every day, but one pair of WUKA period underwear replaces around 100 tampons or pads, drastically reducing plastic waste.

Founder Ruby Raut set up WUKA to reduce plastic waste and wants to encourage their use among teenagers.

She said: "If all girls used sustainable products it would enormously reduce the single-use plastic pollution created in schools. At WUKA we want girls to have access to an environmentally friendly period product, so we have created a discounted offer in tween sizes only for this September."

WUKA is campaigning to introduce its eco-friendly products into schools, after the government contract to provide free period products in schools, did not include sustainable period underwear in the tender.

Ruby added: "Young people are very concerned about environmental issues and the government have said they want schools to go plastic free, so it is absurd that the tender for school period products did not include sustainable period underwear, nor eco-friendly menstrual cups, as an option in their tender.

"They have missed a big opportunity to hugely reduce single-use plastics in schools.

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"Most people don't realise that single-use pads contain around 90 per cent plastic, with tampons having single-use plastic applicators. No-one mentions menstrual product pollution when they talk about the plastic waste problem."

The reported ease of using period underwear means it is especially suitable for girls having a first period, those with active lifestyles as well as for students in the classroom and can be worn for up to eight hours all day - or all night.

Founder, Ruby, says that she has received letters from parents with daughters who have learning difficulties or physical disabilities, who report that the period underwear has changed their daughters' lives, because it is as simple as putting on a pair of pants.

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