RSPCA appeal after lizards dumped at Harpenden bus stop in shopping bag

The RSPCA is tending to the lizards

The RSPCA is tending to the lizards - Credit: Photo supplied

Two sun-loving lizards which originate from Australia have been found dumped at a bus stop in Harpenden.

Bearded dragons abandoned at bus stop in Harpenden

Bearded dragons abandoned at bus stop in Harpenden - Credit: Photo supplied

The bearded dragons had been placed in a small tank, which was wrapped in a plastic carrier bag and abandoned at the bus stop in West Common Way, where they were discovered on Easter Monday, March 28.

The pair, thought to be three years old and now named ‘Bruce and Steve’ by the RSPCA, have been taken to Ameyzoo, a specialist reptile business located near Watford.

The charity has appealed for information to find out who dumped the bearded dragons.

Animal collection officer Kate Wright said: “Bearded dragons originate from Australia and require warm temperatures to survive, so, being kept in the UK as pets, they are entirely dependent on their owners to provide them with suitable accommodation, heating, lighting and food.

“Without proper care they can suffer from serious diseases such as metabolic bone disease, dehydration, injuries, parasitic or other infections, and in severe cases, or if left untreated, they can eventually die.”

Kate went on: “They were found abandoned in a small tank, exposed to the elements, on a chilly, wet day – British weather which they are not suited to.

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“Luckily we managed to get to them in time, and they are now being cared for by a specialist who is providing them with the conditions they need to survive.”

She said: “I’d like to hear from anyone who may have seen someone dumping these lizards to call the RSPCA on 0300 123 8018.”

Alexandra Jones, exotics scientific officer for the charity, said: “Exotic pets, particularly reptiles such as bearded dragons, appear to be increasing in popularity and the number of related incidents dealt with by the RSPCA has risen in recent years.

“Unlike cats or dogs these animals have not undergone years of domestication, therefore they are wild animals kept in captivity and their needs are the same as in the wild.

“Bearded dragons can live for up to 12 years in captivity - which a lot of people don’t realise.

“It is for this reason that the RSPCA urges potential owners to research and look into what is required in the care of their exotic pet first before taking one on so they know what is involved and how long they are likely to live for.”