Royal burial ground uncovered at St Albans Cathedral opens can of worms for Brexit

St Albans Cathedral [Picture: Alan Davies]

St Albans Cathedral [Picture: Alan Davies] - Credit: Archant

Archaeologists have uncovered a grave which could blow open British history and possibly complicate Brexit...

Their dig in the Abbey grounds has reached a burial ground thought to be the final resting place of England’s first Norman king William I, otherwise known as The Conqueror.

Site manager Farad Soli-Ploy said: “We’re very excited by this find. Dead abbots and trinkets are one thing, but to find a king? Literally sacre bleu!

“This is the most important archaeological find since Richard III. It’s enough to make you say ‘zut alors!’”

The French government will be discussing it with British authorities today, as if this is King William, it may mean the land is legally French territory.

This ancient covenant could throw a spanner in the Brexit works and may mean another border agreement similar to the one being negotiated for Northern Ireland.

French media has reported officials spent several hours explaining it to Boris Johnson yesterday evening.

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