Romantic poster appeal at St Albans City Station in time for Valentine’s Day

Will the two be reunited in time for Valentine's Day?

Will the two be reunited in time for Valentine's Day? - Credit: Archant

A romantic commuter has begun searching for her charming prince at St Albans City Station, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

The mystery man came up to Emma, who did not wish to give her surname, while she was stood on a station platform looking at her phone at about 11pm on February 10.

He was wearing bold red shoes and tried to engage Emma in conversation, but she said she was so surprised she wasn’t sure how to react, and ignored him on instinct.

After this dismissal, she thought he looked hurt, and regretted her decision.

Once they were on the train she found him again and apologised – and they got talking.

In the conversation she found out he was on the way to his grandparents’ house in St Albans.

As they drew up to Emma’s stop, the flirty guy mumbled something, but Emma had to jump off before getting the chance to establish what it was.

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Instantly regretting not getting his number, Emma decided to take action, and got a train back to St Albans on Sunday using only her Oyster card - not realising the station is outside zone six.

She was stopped by a staff member at the gates and had to explain the situation - once he had heard the story, the kind employee let her put up two posters and get back on a train to London.

The posters ask the “cute architect with red shoes who chatted up a girl on the train on Friday evening” to email Emma.

Emma said: “I have nothing to lose, I might as well put this poster up.

“You never know, a chance meeting with someone could completely change your life.

“He was brave to chat to me at first, and I was dismissive, and so I thought I should be the brave and romantic one.”

If you are the ‘cute architect’, email to talk to the girl.

To verify who he is, the mystery man should put the station where they met in the subject line.