Romance on the London Underground leads to St Albans wedding

EXCHANGING notes on a London Underground train proved just the ticket for a couple who struck up a relationship and tied the knot in St Albans recently.

Will Gull and Katie Crammer met on the Central Line in December 2006.

Tax advisor Will, 30, was on his way home from work when he noticed 27-year-old Katie board the train at Bank.

Not wanting to miss the opportunity, Will signalled his interest in the pretty teacher by writing her a note telling her she was beautiful, along with his phone number.

After Katie replied, the couple abandoned their pens and paper and began chatting face to face, continuing their conversation at a wine bar near to Will’s stop at South Woodford.

The pair exchanged calls and texts for a couple of weeks, but were unable to find a time to meet up again. The relationship was then almost derailed altogether when incredibly, they both lost their phones.

Remembering the notes which had got them talking in the first place, the pair were able to meet up again and have been inseparable ever since.

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Last year, Will popped the question to Katie in front of commuters and staff at South Woodford station, after treating her to a meal at The Ivy for her birthday.

The newlyweds returned to the station in their wedding gear, after celebrating their big day at Sopwell House, to let the staff know about their happy ending.

“But for that fateful Tube journey I might never have met Will, fallen in love and married him,” said Katie.

“The Central Line and South Woodford station, where Will proposed, might not seem very romantic to other people, but they are special to us.”