Roadwork mmisery in Park Street

MOTORISTS and residents in a busy street were left disgruntled this week after roadworks closed off both ends at the same time.

Resurfacing works were carried out in Park Street Lane by Herts Highways near to Smug Oak Lane on Monday and Tuesday, meaning lengthy diversions for some motorists.

At the same time safety improvement works are also currently being carried out at the other end of Park Street Lane, near to the junction with Tippendell Lane.

Betty Wood, a Park Street Lane resident, was furious that both ends of the road had been closed off at the same time.

“The council should not have blocked both ends off at the same time,” she said. “Some of the traffic is diverting down Drop Lane, which is very narrow and could cause an accident.

“My main concern is how emergency services would get through; it doesn’t bear thinking about.”

The resurfacing works were completed within two days but works near Tippendell Lane started last week and are expected to last eight weeks.

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The pavement underneath the railway bridge is being widened to improve facilities for pedestrians; meaning the width of the road will be reduced. This reduction means two-way traffic lights will be introduced to control the flow of traffic under the bridge.

Herts Highways said the work was being carried out following extensive consultation with key stakeholders, including local schools and emergency services.

Les Cazin, who lives in The Mall off Park Street Lane, said he had never witnessed any serious problems in the 12 years he has lived there but now fears they will be created.

He said: “People have managed to get along the road for donkey’s years; I walk along it almost every day and never see any problems. It’s just farcical to widen the pavement and affect the traffic flow.

“These road layout alterations will now cause rush hour queues and make it more difficult to turn out of Park Street Lane at its junction. What is the point of spending thousands of pounds in creating a problem when one did not previously exist?

“At a time when so many roads in St Albans desperately need attention surely other repairs should have been prioritised?”

Herts Highways said that all efforts were being made to keep disruption to a minimum.