Road to become part of St Albans district

IT could be the end of the road for residents fighting to have their Colney Heath street considered part of St Albans district, rather than neighbouring Welwyn Hatfield borough.

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England has backed a bid to unite all homes in Franklin Close so they are in St Albans.

One half of the cul de sac falls within Welwyn Hatfield territory, while the other side is in St Albans, causing problems for residents wanting to send children to schools in this area.

The commission wants even-numbered properties, 2-18, transferred from Welwyn.

The boundary will also be moved so that the gardens of 9-13 Roestock Gardens and some of the houses in Franklin Close fall within St Albans. At present, the homes are in this district but, confusingly, their rear gardens are in Welwyn Hatfield.

St Albans district councillor for Colney Heath, Chris Brazier, has applauded the move after supporting the bid for almost a decade.

He said: “It is a dead end road, where there is no approach other than from St Albans. People have been offered places for schools in Welwyn and Hatfield, even though there is no transport. It is ridiculous.”

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Cllr Brazier said the changes would have financial implications for Welwyn Hatfield borough council which collects council tax from its side of the road.

Kim Parker-Mead, assistant clerk at Colney Heath parish council, who lives in Franklin Close, welcomed the move after battling to secure local schooling for her daughter as she believed the current situation was “crazy.”

The commission is also recommending changes to electoral arrangements so that the affected homes are located within the Colney Heath ward for the district, and the Colneys’ division of Hertfordshire county council.

The proposals are being considered by the Secretary of State for communities, Eric Pickles, who will make a final decision after considering submissions on the proposed boundary change submitted by October 18.

To make a submission email quoting ‘Franklin Close PABR’ in the subject box.