River watchdogs worried over whether water supplier will be able to meet St Albans’ future demands

RIVER watchdogs have voiced concerns that the main water supplier for the St Albans district will not be able to meet demand in the future.

The comments from the Ver Valley society came as Affinity Water discussed their management plan for 2013, which will dictate how they manage water resources for the next 25 years.

With over 40 years of campaigning for the environment under their belt, the society is “disappointed” not to have been consulted by the water supplier.

Although they support aspects of the consultation documents, their main concern is that the River Ver will be over abstracted and the company will fail to supply enough water ahead of the forecast population growth.

Plans for Affinity to own pipe work to customer’s houses and therefore monitor leaks has some “merit” according the society, but there are fears it may add charges to water bills.

They also feel Affinity Water should source more innovative ways of supplying water, so that rivers and natural water supplies are preserved for future generations.

Secretary for the society John Fisher said: “Our main concern is that they’re not really making due concern for the environmental impact.”

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The society believes the community does not understand its water supply and as a result doesn’t value it.

Customers should therefore be “encouraged to increase investment in this scarce resource”.

John added: “People in the south east use more water per person per day than any where else in the country.”

County Cllr Martin Frearson said: “I’m very sensitive to anything concerning water. People need to be aware that water doesn’t just come out of the tap.”

The deadline for responding to the consultation is this Friday, December 21.

Residents are being urged to read Affinity Water’s consultation documents and comment online by visiting www.affinitywater.co.uk/our-future-plans