Revised priorities for St Albans council homes

GREATER priority for St Albans council properties is being given to people who live in the district following the updating of the letting system.

Up to 50 per cent of properties advertised through Herts Choice Homes are now being prioritised for council and housing association tenants already living in the district.

In addition the lower age limit for anyone wanting to apply for a bungalow has come down from 60 to 50 – provided the applicant is already living in a local council or housing association property – and tenants living in a property that is larger than they need will be given a high priority if they are willing to move somewhere smaller.

There have also been changes to the qualifications for separate bedrooms for children.

Same sex siblings with less than nine years difference in age and sibling of opposite sexes but under eight will have to share.

The changes follow a review of the system which was introduced in May 2009.