Restoration underway at St Albans’ St Peter’s church

A �16,000 restoration project is underway at a St Albans church to replace stone placed in the historic building during the Victorian era.

St Peter’s church warden Mark Waller said that stonemasons were currently working on stone damaged by water along the entire length of the northern side of the nave.

Eleven stones, weighing up to about 90 kilos and which cap the buttress and balustrade, are being either replaced or repaired with Ancaster limestone, from a quarry in Lincolnshire.

Mark said: “The stone was put there by the Victorians in 1895. Water has got into it and some of them have split. The replacement stone is coming from the same quarry that it originally came from in Lincolnshire.

“We hope to have it finished within the next three weeks.”

He warned that scaffolding along the exterior wall was protected with a sophisticated alarm system.

The church is hoping to receive more donations towards ongoing maintenance work at the building.