Redbourn radio producer immortalising unique life stories of local residents into audio documentaries

Dave Creasey has set up Recordthem.

Dave Creasey has set up Recordthem. - Credit: Archant

A Redbourn radio producer has captured the attention of the nation by immortalising the unique life stories of local residents.

Despite only setting up Recordthem in August last year, Dave Creasey has been bombarded with customers across the country for his unique service.

He interviews people about their life stories and edits the sound clips into a professional audio documentary, to be played and replayed as a memento of loved ones after they pass.

The 27-year-old said: “Normally radio stations only do this sort of thing when it is a celebrity, not for ordinary people, and it is something I wanted for everybody rather than just people who are rich and famous.”

Interviews take a maximum of four hours, with breaks, to create a documentary of about an hour.

He pointed out that in about 15 years time, no one who remembers World War Two will still be alive.

The oldest person Dave has recorded so far was a 91-year-old - however, he is scheduled to meet with an 100-year-old woman soon.

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He said it was much more than an audio clip: “We really jazz it up with sound effects and music.

“People keep pictures and albums, but the first thing they forget is the sound of their voice. Nobody thinks to record their loved ones.”

Dave also offers an option for before-unheard messages from their loved ones to be kept back and delivered on special events each year, such as birthdays or Christmas.

After being featured in The Times in December 2018 and winning Theo Paphitis Small Business Sunday (#SBS) award in January, Dave is now booked up until April.

The service costs about £500. However, Dave said a similar video documentary service will set consumers back a whooping £10,000.

Over six years Dave has worked in four radio stations over six years, including at the BBC and for Forces Radio BFBS, stationed in Cyprus.

He said his favourite part of Recordthem is people’s “shock” to hear the finished product: “They don’t know that they want it until they hear it.”

Dave described it as “a keep sake like no other”.